Tuesday, August 23


Things will never be the same anymore. I feel like a part of me is missing -- knowing the fact that we won't be studying in the same place. Changes are ok. Things are always evolving and we will adapt to survive, somehow. All is well and I'm beyond content as you are able to pursue your dream as an inspiring surgeon. 
You were literally my rock, though. Susah senang, jatuh bangun bergolek, aku cari kau juga. Fitrah manusia kan? We always go to someone who is able to understand us better and it is safe to say that we usually have the same POV on everything (??) Anyhow I  am just glad that I have met you. Walaupun baru setahun jagung kenal, I can always feel the jodoh. We literally clicked kot first time jumpa masa nak hand-in all the docs for pendaftaran. (Boleh cringe dah kot, ew)
And parting was never easy. 
Same goes to being in a new surrounding. Takpe, along the journey we will meet new people with newly learnt life lesson. Ha gitew.
Believe me I'm freaking out too. 
I guess, it is another chance to start over -- to be a better person, inside and out. Tbh, you're someone that I look up to. One of my life guru(s). Nampak tak bila aku cakap yang sebahagian dariku telah jauh menghilang?! Lol emo much. 

All the best. Don't sadden yourself too much. To achieve something big, it will take some time so don't rush! Bila rasa macam "Ya Rabbi I feel like dying argh satu-satu challenge datang" -- note that Tuhan pernah kata yang for every hardship, Dia tunjukkan jalan keluar. Ok? You go Dr. Nurinn!! "Bukan semua orang boleh jadi doktor"

I've typed a really really long caption for this picture on Instagram. But then, I realized that you're not Instagram-worthy. This should be put on record in somewhere far more exclusive and excluded. Like in here. He he he.

Oklah, ni pun macam note to myself juga.

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