Friday, April 1

Confession #2

This thing has been on my mind for a while, though. I never get the chance to actually tell you this in person and to be able to hear your side of story during the time of event. 

I was just scrolling through my old posts on Blogspot and yep I found some of the posts that were indirectly for you. Aha, you must be wondering why am I still wide awake at times like this and the most probably you will nag like a nenek just to annoy me so that I hit the bed asap. Or....most probably you are not. Lol. One of the entries that I've posted really hit me. 

I'm just glad that you've found the little joy and happiness in your life. 
Go and spread your wings. You got a lot of things to offer. 

Oh, hi there. :-) 

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