Sunday, March 17

Newton's first law

Wow. He/She is damn lucky. 

I really hate this kind of thought. It makes me feel so..weak, sinful. I know, I know I shouldn't give a damn about this but you just can't help it sometimes. It just happened. I bet, everyone feels the same eh? 

But then, remember this. Everyone was created with a reason. Everyone is special in their own way; he/she may be good in something yet he/she may suck in something too. My dear self, we can't always get what we want. That's how the world works. You can't blame Him for that. After all, He's fair and all-knowing. There must be a vindication for it all. Yes.

Like Khadijah wrote in her newest post, "You lose some and you win some." 

May peace be upon you guys. 

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