Friday, March 22


"Kau sorang-sorang je kan sekarang ni. Kesian kau."
"Jarang nampak kau senyum macam dulu."

It's already 22nd of March already. April is just around the corner and it's already the second month I'm living as a lone ranger and surprisingly I survived. Yeah, all my friends, every bits of me already went to a better place to achieve their dreams. Well, it wasn't as bad as people would thought. I find it rather...peaceful (on some circumstances). It's just that I get those things a loooooooot nowadays and it's getting on my nerves somehow. 

I'm okay. I really am. I adore book thus, my books can teman me. 

Well yeah, I'm a human after all. I have feelings. I'm able to feel content, sad, despair, giddy, stressed, frustrated and the list just goes on. Tipulah kalau kadang-kadang tu tak rasa sunyi. It used to be the three/four/five/six... of us and now it's just me. Anyways, I think the best thing to do right now is just ignore all this crap and think positively. That's how I roll everybody. Stop wasting your time on over-think stuffs, feeling shitty about yourself and more. So Christian Grey-ish hehehe. You only live once, though. 

As for now, I realized that no matter how hard you try your uppermost to keep your solitary attitude, in the end of the day, you need friends. Buddies.

Do I look like I eat dinosaur for breakfast? Because it's hard to find friend(s) nowadays. I'm getting a tad introvert for now. Ahahaha k.

InsyaAllah. Have faith in Him. Time will tell. 

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