Saturday, February 2


Hey ho!
Wow, it's already 2013, February second and 21 Rabiul-Awal. All praises be to Allah.

It was always the three of us. Forever laughing like mad when meeting each other. Making chaos here and there. Lol we're that loud, I guess. Yeah, time flies and now every each of us is on the trail to excellence. In our very own separate ways, of course. Only He knows how blithe am I for you guys for seizing those precious golden tickets.

Life. A four-letter-word that could bring various interpretations to one human being. As for me, life's like a box of chocolate. Forever expect the unexpected. One day you might be at the highest point of your life, but yeah, you might be at the lowest. You could also fall in love with a total stranger in a heartbeat or making new friends that mean the whole world to you.

Easy come, easy go. Everything must come to an end.

Yes. My definition of life. Maybe He has something better in store for every each of us. Have faith. 

When KGV meets TKC and SEMESRA. Lulz. ♥

ps: Looking forward to a splendid February.
pps: Okay, jumpa Saser juga. Ahaks. 

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