Thursday, December 27


kudos; google images.

Malam Ahad. Manusia masa kini tidak lagi mengenal erti siang dan malam.

I was in my car - doing nothing actually, not paying attention to what my siblings were babbling about. It's been a while since I last went to Petaling Street. Part of me was busy reminiscing the good times I had when I was in KL. While I was so drawn by the picturesque, something just slapped me hard in the face. A wake up call, I suppose?

A Chinese guy was busy rummaging through the dustbin for recycled items. 

Uncle tu duduk mencangkung sibuk cari sana sini barang untuk dijual buat bagi makan anak bini, 
kita sedap berjimba tak ingat dunia. Merungut sana sini di Twitter mahupun Facebook nak segala benda yang kau rasa kau boleh dapat, tanpa mengenal erti limitasi. Apa kau fikir kedua orang tuamu membuka kilang memproses wang ringgit? 

Well, some of us don't give a damn for things like this but do try to take things in different perspective. It won't do any harm though. Even in every religion asks people to think; discovering truths, exploring new stuffs. Cuba fikir Tuhan bagi otak penuh dengan sel-sel neuron bagai sebab apa? Takkan buat pekasam. 

Aku pun takdalah baik mana. Species homosapien. Nak lari mana? Penuh kekurangan sana sini.

But, wake up people. We're beyond fortunate.

ps: Alhamdullilah. There's more to go. Another two kick-ass years await. 
pps: I can't even think what I want. I love surprises. Amaze me.
pps: Hello bio, chemist and physic :D

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