Saturday, December 1

Panda meets bat

Malam silih berganti dan sepertinya malam ini hanyalah seperti malam malam biasa cuma aku didatangi suatu perasaan untuk meroyan buat kesekian kalinya. Mungkin kerana aku lebih selesa menyendiri sebelum ini menyebabkan aku dihimpit perasaan kekok untuk mula meroyan.

Aha, di mana adabku. Maaf.

May peace be upon you my dear organisms. 

So hi everyone. It's been quite a while though and I wonder if there's still homosapiens out there who read my blog. Well, probably nope Amira since you're ain't that twitfamous or whatever it is. Yeh who cares. I'm still going to write because I can ahaks.

Anyway, it's practically hols and I'm not sure how productive it will be. Yet, there was I; feeling bored as hell, sitting cross-legged in my room rummaging something from a box. It turned out that I kept everything since I was in f1 which was back in 2010. All those test papers, notes, so-called love letter which I received from Hafiz, money- suprisingly and a whole lot of other crappy stuffs. Ya Allah that's a lot. 

I took out everything and the sorting session begun. That was the hardest thing to do ever; letting go of something that meant the world to you. Okay so maybe I'm being a tad sentimental there but hey that's just how I was crafted by Him. Satu per satu kertas menuju ke destinasi seterusnya iaitu sebuah kotak lain yang akan tiba di pusat kitar semula yang berdekatan pada hari yang bakal menjelang.

Somehow, your cerebrum remembers everything. All those bitter-sweet moments for three freaking years came rolling in, leading you astray. Truth be told, I still can't believe that I'll be an upper form student next month. Wow, that's a news. Plus since it's December, all the PMR-ers will know their result in no time. *yay*

Oh, despite that emotional thingy going on there, I managed to finish it. Gonna repeat the whole process tomorrow w the abundant amount of books. Go figure! 

It's 3.54 am right now so I guess I should hit the sack now. Yeap, I'm a nocturnal. Always. Uuu I think I'm related to pandas and bats so that makes me a "panbat". Ahahaha

What a way to start the first of December (Y)

Ps: Feel good to babble again.
Pps: "Ingatkah saudari saat kita belajar bersama di bawah pohon cemara" masih teguh dalam ingatanku. 

 “Pada ketika kita merasakan tidak punya sesiapa, yakinlah ALLAH itu sudah mencukupi segala-galanya” - Ramlee Awang Murshid; Sunan Musafir 

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