Saturday, September 15

Take what you wanted, I'll be just fine


As PMR is getting nearer, Nur Amira bt. Abdul Razak has turned into a mega sloth. Seriously. She couldn't focus like she used to, couldn't study like usual and many more. Yes, she is practically being distracted by another monster. She just loves to procrastinate and........ napping. AHHHH. Nafsu dan syaitan nirojim barangkali. She even doesn't have the so-called passion to continue this whole cataclysm. Yeh. Can someone just brainwash me for God's sake?!?!

Kehausan idea.
Drained of ideas.

Marilah berdamping.

Happy Saturday btw. Salam.

It cheers me up like mad. 

1 comment:

  1. Amira,for stories to connect, hmm with real power..they must their own reality. A deeper truth!. I personally believe that their story not written by them, but by circumstance. For me, circumstance means nothing. But your story about the circumstances means everything. Need ideas? Well..maybe you can do something new and scary? hahaha...Think.