Sunday, June 17

Little talks

When everyone was glued to their TV watching France vs. Ukraine yesterday, I decided to watch Taboo on National Geographic and it broke my heart to see peoples; humans; homo-sapiens are being put in a class or a group. Men in some part of the world are actually being categorized.What the heck has happened to humanity? Where's the justice that everyone needs?


Justice don't exist nowadays. The society doesn't welcome them. Wake up, people. 

A mental condition in which fantasy dominates over reality, as a symptom of schizophrenia and other disorders.
How many among us really know about this unique disease? We tend to describe them as mentally-ill, retarded, foolish, vicious, aggressive etc etc etcetera. You see, we love to judge people. How can we say they're aggressive and vicious when they're actually uber loving? While watching that show, I kinda felt that I somehow understand them. Autistic people can't really talk; can't convey their message to others. It hurts watching them being deviate by the society. We just don't and never try to understand them. Get it? Thank goodness we're currently living in a world full of technologies and someone has created this awesome typing device for them to communicate; to let the whole world know how they feel. Yay! Someone is being concern. Phew!

What hurts the most is when most of them said that they're feeling lonely living in this big, cruel world. But hey! They outlasted. Apparently, living their life to the fullest.

What if we're in their shoes? Can we survive knowing the fact that no one wants us? All alone in everything. We should be ashamed of ourselves though. Forever complaining about how crap our live are. *facepalm* 
Menzalimi diri sendiri namanya tu. Nyeh.
Check out this two inspiring dudes. 

ps: Let's see who can change the world to a better place to live in. 

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  1. WOW! it's amazing blog!(y)Alhamdulillah. whatever you give out in life, must return to you..InsyaAllah. Harap yang baca dapat manfaat dari keikhlasan anda berkongsi kekurangan manusia lain. and yeap..if you think and feel 'life is really good to me' kita akan sentiasa bersyukur padaNya. InsyaAllah. THINK! ;)