Saturday, May 5

So-called happy pills

It's been a while since I came up with something descent here. Exam is just particularly around the corner and I need some time off from the books..... everything. I guess my brain can't take this anymore so I decided to write since I don't have anything fun to read and I'm missing the bookshops already. What a life. Psst.. To those who are currently reading a book, you've tormented my body and soul. Be gone you. Lol, jk.

Mankinds. Such a perplexing creature that have ever existed in the universe. At one point, you are able to identify yourself; whether you're happy, sad, furious etc but then you feel so lost, not knowing what has gotten into you. This is so bothersome tho, one can't concede oneself. Haih. Is our brain playing tricks on us? Astaghfirullahalazim. And, this is the best part. You have tried your uttermost to make something, sitting and staring in front of this devilish little gadget for hours, hoping that ideas would came out of nowhere but then....... you ended up nothing.
When you're in a good class, everyone is hoping the best out of you. Especially your parents and teachers. They have their eyes on you, just like a puma. Ya Allah. Don't get me wrong but we are just like others; we are humans, not a robot and stuffs. We have feelings, dramas that we have to face every single day. We are not in the same era like you guys where study is everything. With the extra works and co-curricular activities that have been going on........... it suffocates us. For the record, masyarakat sekarang pentingkan berapa A that you can get and this is letting us down. Dude, did you know what we went through to get all the freaking A's. It does not matter whether it is for PMR, SPM or STPM. Minum RedBull satu kontena pun tak sama okay. If you notice it or not, there is a flaw in today's education system. No offense.

I shall stop for now. Everything seems jumbled. Lol. I solemnly need a brain-wash.

ps: Goodluck to those who will be sitting for their exam soon. InsyaAllah we'll pass like flying colour \m/

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