Sunday, May 6

The red and white Popo

Have you ever dislike our own famous delicacies? I do.

I'm the girl who do not have any affections towards Muruku since I was able to breathe. It does not matter who made the muruku; the best muruku makcik whatsoever, I just don't like it.I don't dislike it..... it is just that I don't fancy it. I still eat it though, if I got nothing to eat or too sluggish to cook or the others look so un-alluring. Well, food is eff essential. No food, tummy gets hurt, you'll die of starvation.What a dramatic way to die.... Bear with me.

I know it sounds strange but that is the truth. You know, the lawak-tangy-umami taste playing, circling in your mouth, the bits of it sticking to your teeth, that is just a omg-what-the-heck-am-I-eating moment. Sometimes, I even wondered why must muruku appear on every festive season? "Tak best lah macam ni, takda kelainan" > Statement minta kena baling periuk belanga by the makciks. I don't have any concrete statements on why I hate muruku but I'm pretty sure there's someone who feels the same way like I do. Kan? We are humans and we are complex. I find it inexpressible. MUAHAHAHAHA

Well, fear no more guys.  

I was four years old at that time. I was being babysat by this awesome legend, Nenek Saadiah. From that moment, I was introduced to this redoubtable, formidable, tremendous muruku ikan I have ever tasted. It ain't homemade product okay. It has been sold in kedai runcit, makcik pakcik buka kedai depan rumah and even major supermarkets nationwide. I repeat, NATIONWIDE! Sorry for exaggerating too much but the muruku is just full of epicness. Agak-agak tahu tak muruku apa aku cakap ni? :-D

Who needs a boyfriend/girlfriend when you have this to accompany you during your ups and downs, highs and lows, thick and thin. NOMNOMNOM

Lays, Mr. Potato etc, you'll always be in my heart. Au revoir.


  1. I used to be in your place,where I think our education systems sucks.At the end,I wonder,if so many people can make it,why can't I? Then,I stop complaining and go with the flow.

    I really thought SPM was the hardest moment of my life,seriously.Then,I entered university,I was like,just kill me now.I'm tired,I need a break.

    Chill my friend.Just take what's in front of you now as a practice.Anyway,I really enjoy reading your blog!

    1. Thanks for the nice piece of advice though. Enjoy reading yours too (y)