Friday, April 6

To infinity and beyond

You and I were so naive back then. We used to think that the moon always following us wherever we go, hated going to bed early, played with boys like a boss, forever completing the homework that were given by our teachers, didn't procrastinate; NOT even once. I still remember the first time I met you. We were lining up in a line during our very first assembly. You tried your best to console me when I cried during Negaraku. Heheh. Yeap. Since then, we became bestfriend. We sat together throughout our kindergarten years. Gosh, how I fancy your mom's cooking. Wait! That was in 2002 right? Uuu ☺

Ironically, as time passes by like the f1 cars, we were still together. I didn't expect to see you in primary school tho. During the pendaftaran for the standard ones thingy, I was surprised yet amused you were there. Your mum told me that you were supposed to go to this Bukit Nanas school right and yet you rebelled. You didn't want to go there, for heaven's sake. Lol. Another chapter began however there was a twist. We didn't sat together this time. Our teachers didn't want us to sit together. We'll talk like the world will end kot. Hahaha. Why lah the teachers are being like that? Oh, everything must come to an end kan? *literally* I moved to Seremban when we were in standard 5. Alhamdullilah we were still bestfriend, sharing our dirty little secrets, stick with each other through highs and lows, thick and thin even ups and downs. It's exceptional I guess if we argued sometimes. We were still learning about this friendship thingy, and and and it managed to strengthen our bonds somehow. Thanks for being a very understanding bestfriend, sister.... everything. May Allah repay you.

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay. I don't want to spill everything here. This blog will be flooded with tears nanti. heheheheh. Plus, boleh jadi novel nanti. Well, we've been bestfriend for 10 years eh and still counting. Ya Allah. Tuhan itu maha segala-galanya.

I, hereby want to wish you, Nurliyana bt. Zaini a very happy belated birthday. May Allah forever be by your side, always showering you with His blessings and happiness and and and youthfulness. 
Ps: I know it's sosososososo late, but yeah. Time, hw etc etc etcentra envied me. I'm sososososososo sorry. Couldn't find some time off. *blergh* Most importantly, I'm so not forgetting your birthday. Note that ♥

Pps: Dm me your address. Something fun will arrive at your door. *suspense music*

Couldn't find our kindergarten pics *big sigh*

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