Saturday, April 14

Reacting metals with oxygen

Yknow, people nowadays has this some sort of stigma for certain things. Just so you know, stigma is a Latin word which means a mark of disgrace or infamy. One thinks that the things are bad and stupid, doesn't bring any beneficial to make it simpler. Quite annoying tho having this type of people around you. If we see on the smaller scales, you are so not going anywhere if you keep these kind of thoughts. Tak maju lah derr in other words~ 

One thinks that it's a major disgrace if someone in one's family got pregnant without a concrete reason, is an example tho. Most of the Malaysians tend to punish people without knowing the truth. They used to lambaste, humiliate this type of people instead of guiding them. They're humans too- They have feelings. I'm guessing that this is one of the reason that causes excessive baby-dumping. Don't you ever think what will happen if the same thing occured to your daughter, niece etc? 

Speaking about stigmas.

I still can't figure it out why some of my friends have this omg-did-you-seriously looks on their face when they knew I'm taking Ert. Jeez, is that a crime? Haih. I know I know. Taking ert doesn't promise you a good life, you'll be wasting your precious time making cakes, biscuits yadayadayadayada ; nanti duduk rumah jaga laki and anak. I can only laugh like a lunatic when people told me this. 'Pandai' punya theory. Boleh tak aku cakap ambil KT, your life will be surrounded with cables, components etc. Pagi, petang, siang, malam wayar wayar wayar. Forever wayar. Boleh? 

You see. Malaysians. Hmmmphhh. Macam mana nak maju. -,-


WAHHHH. A 500 words article is waiting for me. "Why English?" Just to top it all off, exam is just around the corner. 8 subjects, F1-F3s' chapters; you do the Maths. I shall go into hibernating because it seems that my brain is going to explode. Besides, I'm feeling so grumpy because the writer's block just hit me in the face. Super-mega-hard. Everything feel so mundane. Ttyl. 


I miss my five-year-old life. I was so so so so rajin at that time. I mean like, super rajin sampai tak pernah procrastinate. Kayz. Me iz talking crap..

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