Friday, March 16

Till the sun comes out

Hi, hello, assalamualaikum.

Just dropping by, wanted to rant about some random things again. Holiday sucks. Bored to death. Yada yada yada. Somehow, Garfield and I have this special connection during hols. Except for the lasagna part :p Eat, sleep, watch tv, eat, sleep, watch tv, online......

The internet is having menstruation I guess. So eff lembab. I can die of waiting yknow. 

I give up. This is sickening. So lembab. I think Tipah and Joyah (my tortoises) are faster that this slowpoke creature.  Will write something  fun and productive later. Haih. I'm alive btw. *Di hari raya, terkenang daku kepada si dia* 

I might sound like a self-obsessed person, but anyway, who doesn't love themselves. Love yourself ;)

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