Monday, March 12

How to save a life

Did you see something hairy in here? HAHAHAH

It's been a while since I write some random crap and stuffs. So, forgive me if I go overboard out of the blue. Eh, I always do that right? Heheh. Here goes nothing...

WHAT THE HECK IS AN ANGLER? So controversial. English shouldn't be that hard right? Pfftt. Is it just me or this English paper is eff hellacious? This proved that I'm totally suck in English. Poor vocab. Even a five-year-old can do a whole lot better than me. Tsk. I think I need to play Scrabble with le brainiacs in mah class. To improve my vocab somehow. Anyway, for your information, this is an angler;

See, I think too much and I go and put boating as the answer. I'm not quite sure why I put that as an answer. Probably it sounds right? Luckily I didn't put picnicking and swimming as the answer. That'd make me feel so dumb. Gais, dumb is a mean word okay. Don't over-use it. 

Lets cut to the chase. Me have no interest in telling everyone on how I done for my March test. Nonetheless, I think I did quite good. Am confident with it. InsyaAllah. Tawakal je lah kan. Dah berusaha. It's only the first test people. You don't have to judge someone based on one's result. That's just plain crap. Do stop doing that you freakishly crazy-self-obsessed people. You might kill someone. *sorry for cussing*
Rangka manusia rentung disahkan Nurul Nadirah: Polis

You know her? Yes, she is Nurul Nadhirah. The girl who was reported missing by her parents and today, she was found dead. Her charred body was found in an estate if I'm not mistaken. Ya Allah, how can someone do this crap. You're not even a human I tell you. Even animals love and cherish their own children. Inikan manusia. Nauzubillah. I don't want to talk about this. I might get emo like a lunatic nanti. Bayangkan mak suruh dia beli Maggi sebab sibuk on social networks. Apa ni woi. Let this be a lesson to all the soon-to be-moms or mums or even dads. May Nurul Nadhirah rest in peace. Al-Fatihah. Lets hope that the killer will be caught and the justice be serve. InsyaAllah. 

This is my idk-how-many-times I've tried to type an entry. So yeah. The story is quite a rollercoaster-journey right? Hewhew. I'll be typing soon. Lets see if my devilish brain works or not. Oh, I'm currently reading this ; 

Oh, can someone find me this? Been finding like crazy. Tak jumpa. T.T

Till then. Toodles. 

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  1. Dato' AwesomeMarch 13, 2012 at 8:00 PM

    But, to create anything, to change anything, all it takes is just thing...THINK! InsyaAllah. ;)