Friday, February 3

Live your life

Hi! Assalamualaikum.
How is it going ya'll? Feeling swag? Lol. That doesn't sound right. Anyway, finally me can catch up with all the news and stuffs on the social networks. I'm kinda at sea right now. Been struggling this past two weeks. Blame it on the pressure, lack of sleep, everything. AHAHAHAHAHA. So, don't mind me if I sound like a maniac or what. PRESSUREEEEEEE~

Okay. Let me recall what happened during my hibernating.

Sunday- Watched AJL26 while doing my science notes. Talk about homework eh? Someone didn't tell me earlier about finishing chapter two. What a bummer. Jkjkjk. No offence but I'm way too sure that Hafiz will win that night. Yeap. He won. AHAHAHA. I was surprised that he wore a tshirt and a pair of pants. Lol. Anyhow, simplicity rules right? Dah macam simplysiti pulak. Congrats Hafiz. Awan nano nano nano nano naaanooooo~  *Retis mood*

Wednesday- I'm so beat. School ends on 5 p.m every Tuesday and Wednesday. AHHHHHH. Can't recall what just happened on this particular day. All I can remember is we're celebrating Adrina's birthday. It was so eff frantic. Everything moves so fast. Dayana baked a cake for this so-called surprise party. Heheh. It was superb. No doubt bout it. And seriously Zakwan, why did you get stomach-ache? Perut tak relax ni :D 

Happy Birthday Pedobear! May Allah shower you with  lots of happiness, and His blessings. InsyaAllah ♥

Thurday- My class is finally entering Chapter 4. Me iz sho excited lidat. K. I don't really get the fact why the form 3's last year told us that this chapter is quite hard. Too many processes running I guess? AHAHAHA. Anyhow I do fancy f3's science syllabus. Alhamdullilah. Quite easy eh. Not to forget, Sejarah. Serious awesome wa cakap sama lu. Next week jumpa Chin Peng. AHAHAHAHA. 

Sorry for babbling about the past. The past is past lah kan. So, the Muslims will be celebrating Maulidur Rasul this Sunday. Ya Allah, how fast time flies. And and and, alhamdullilah, I get time off from school. Lol. Everyone does. So, I can stabilize my mind during the time given. Need to differentiate between reality and fantasy. Eceh. 

Sorry for the harsh words, my irritating personality etc. Well, yang baik datang dari Allah, dan yang buruk datang from me. Lastly,

Mari semarakkan rasa cinta dan rindu kepada Baginda s.a.w. Sesungguhnya, kaulah inspirasi bagi seluruh umat Islam. Salam Maulidur Rasul 1444 Hijrah. 

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