Friday, January 20


Hi, assalamualaikum. 
I've left ze social networks for 2 weeks I guess? Frankly speaking, I think I've isolated myself from ze social networks for a month. Lol. Dramatic much~ As usual, hw keeps bugging me like mad. Still trying to get used to  ze new class. Cmon pipo. Please be a lil bit extrovert and try to mix around. AHHHHHHH.

Moving on. Don't mind me.

I've said to myself that this will be a short post. So yeah. Let's see whether this going to be a short post or else because I feel like ranting like a mad woman like now. So much to rant. So much drama. So much heart-breaking-terasa moments etc. *insert a melancholic song*

I don't get the point why some of the parents like to park their car along the road. Please lah. Anak anda boleh jalan ke kereta masing masing. You guys are making our live miserable. We're in misery. There ain't nobody that can comfort us, ohjyeaah. Jam sana sini sampai babitkan polis. Due to ze parents' action, we, the students kena balik pukul 5.30 p.m every Tuesday. Thank goodness that nothing exciting like this happen on Wednesday.

Did this fun ringkasan last Thursday. It's about the benefits of breakfast. When anwering ze pemahaman ques, the third question is quite interesting. 
Pada pendapat anda, apakah langkah yang perlu dilakukan oleh seorang guru supaya pelajarnya mengambil sarapan pada waktu pagi?
So, I answered sesi pembelajaran perlu dimulakan lewat sedikit untuk memudahkan pelajar bersarapan pada waktu pagi yadayadayada. YES. King George V needs to make this thing work. My tummy loves to grumble like mad during ze first period. Bila dah rehat tak nak makan pulak. Aih, what an uneducated tummy. *le crap*

F3 is so eff tiring. Still trying my best to balance my time but yeah. Works are everywhere. Like a shadow. They'll hunt you like a pedobear. Oh, so metaphorical. Eceh. Anyhow, I'm enjoying the works like a mad doctor. They manage to keep my head and hands off the internet and stuffs. Alhamdullilah. There's only this one thing that I hate. BALIK LAMBAT EVERY TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY. Penat mak tahu tak. *le crap*

This is my last rant for today. 
I don't understand why people tend to say this after being in a new environment for awhile. "People forget their friend easily" "Dah jumpa kawan baru tinggalkan kawan lama" Dey macha, for God's sake lah woi. No offence but for me, you've to accept this so-called-fate. You're in a new environment so yeah, you're meeting new people/classmate/colleagues. Truth to be told, we need to survive in ze new environment, so we need friends. It doesn't mean that bila dah jumpa kawan baru, nak lupakan kau semua tu. It's just that when you and your new friend in a same class, you tend to get closer with him/her. Nama pun satu kelas semua. The same goes to you. You also do the same freaking things too. So yeah. Everyone's ze same. It's a win-win situation. Deal with it.

Still best friends till now. I guess? Eceh *dramatic moment*

I going to stop ranting for now. Will be ranting like a mad woman soon. Till then.


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