Saturday, January 7

Tonight is the night we're losing control


So, HIIII. I've left this thingy for a long time tho. Everyone has updated their blog and talked about their '2012 resolutions', '2011 memories', 'first day of school' yadayadayada. I'm feeling a bit jelly watching you guys curi some precious time to update your blog. Eceh.

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit hyper tonight. So yeah. Don't mind me. Heheh

I've survived my first week of school. Alhamdullilah. Pretty awkward tho entering ze new class. Everything's new. Ze pipo (except for Dayana, Aina, Luqzan and Amir), teachers, environment etc. Oh, my deskmate is Dayana and we're sitting at a not-so-strategic-spot. But hey. We'll take it as a challenge tho ;D As usual, everyone's being quite introvert rather that extrovert during this first week of school. Plus, the class is not that hyper and goofy yet. YET. Me gonna try to adapt to this new environment. Go figure~

Fyi, I think that I'm being an introvert in class this time. Not the mulut murai type. Lol. Eh, I haven't show my true colours yet. Just wait until the class gets hyper-er and goofier, who knows I might be ze mulut murai type again. Mwheheheh. K. *Crap alert*

I'm gonna share my 2012 resolutions in here. Let's just start with the cliche one~
  2. Becoming a better daughter to my parents. (Make them proud, happy etc)
  3. Cukup amal ibadah semua. InsyaAllah
  4. Spending less time twittering and stuffs and more time studying. Eh
  5. Straight A's for PMR. InsyaAllah
  6. Becoming a better and awesome and understanding and cool and crazy and more goofy than ever friend. *lap hingus*
  7. No more tangguh tangguh homework eventho siap and submit the work ikut time.
Okay. This is the extraordinary one~
  • Going to bed early, getting enough sleep, a healthier sleeping cycles xD
  • No more panda's eyes
  • Meeting Shin Ha Kyun perhaps? ☺
  • Managing my time bettah. HOHO
  • SHK movie and drama marathon after PMR, alone. Forever alone. Tsk. 
That's all I guess. Eh, banyak pulak resolusi aku this year. Lol. InsyaAllah, jika diizinkan Tuhan, akan ku laksanakan semua itu dengan kudrat yang masih bersisa di dalam diriku ini. But meeting Shin Ha Kyun is a bit hard tho. Way too hard :p Keep dreaming Amira! 

Will be updating soon. Kehkeh. Till then. 

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