Sunday, January 22



Hi, hello.

So, tomorrow is Chinese New Year. YAYAYAYAYA. I can't wait for it. SO EXCITED TO THE MAX. Fyi, I do celebrate Cny. I do receive some angpow. How cool is that~ Anyway, I celebrate Cny because apparently my granny is a Chinese. She's married with my grandpa which is a Malay and an Islam. So yeah. She converted to Islam. That makes my mom half Malay and half Chinese whereas my dad is a Malay. And yes. I'm considered mixed? Unfortunately I don't look like a Chinese much. Probably I'm more to my dad. Alah, Imma daddy's girl. Ahaks. *gedik* But my two devilish brothers do. So lucky. Hewhew. Need to learn how to speak Chinese from my mom a.s.a.p ._______.

KANKANKANKAN? Itu budak manyak rupa Cina woo~

To summarize it all, I can't wait for tomorrow. The food, firecrackers etc. So awesome, so festive, so harmony. My mom will cook this zeliciouseh vegetarian dish. I'm not sure what the dish is called but I'm guessing it's called Tzai Choi. Pleaseeeee put extra mushroom in it. Not to forget ze lotus roots. Okay, my tummy has started to growl right now. Ceh.

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to those who celebrates. Signing off.

Been entering ze toilet like mad. Thanks to ze mandarin oranges. What a healthy tummy @_@ 

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