Saturday, January 21



Ehem. This entry is for my one and only Rurucher. Frankly, I don't have the urge to balas other people entry but this time I found it interesting. Hihi. So, let's start.

Hi Rurucher. 
Thanks for being my friend, sister, deskmate and so on for a year. And yet, alhamdullilah we're still friends and sisters. You've been by my side for eternity. Even during my ups and downs. Again, I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to have you by my side. I do enjoy having you by my side time beli cucur during recess (y) *Ayat mesti bermetafora sikit* 

You know what? I retweet-ed that tweet because I want to. I didn't say that I'm terasa or what by your tweets, it's just when someone tweet a thing that we can relate to, we tend to click that so-called-berpuaka retweet button. Rurucher, I don't have the intention to make you terasa or what. I blog when I feel like ranting. Unfortunately, the rant that I ranted yesterday was a bit sensitive? Or, you'd call that a-perasaan-orang-cakap-pasal-dia entry. Kay, tak lawak pun. Sumpah merepek. Anyhow, the entry was universal. I talked about it based on my perspective. That's very common lah kan since the school has been re-open for three week eh? Everyone is working their butt off in order to survive make friends in the new yeaaaahhh, new class. 

I'm not offended. I don't jump to a conclusion macam orang gila. I don't envy you because you're having a good life in your class. In fact, I'm grateful for that. 

Last but not least, don't misunderstood me. I'm just expressing my so called universal idea here. And and and I'm relaxing macam orang takda PMR this year and yeah I'm sorry if I complicate matters to you. I ain't that selfish. Pffft. Do enjoy ur CNY holiday ;)

Oh, I need a break too. Everyone deserves a good break. Ze works, deadline, drama etc are making me shiver like mad.

So yeah. We're still friends right? I blog this because I'm quite sure if I text or call you, you wouldn't answer your phone. Probably your phone has gone into hibernating. Heheh. Till then. 

I'm in my gay-ish mood. Sekian. 
Friendship is just like a plate of nasi lemak with sambal on it. You need to (bergaduh) and stuffs. That'll strengthen your bonds. 

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