Sunday, December 4



So, I decided to rant on random stuffs in here today. Truth to be told, I'm bored and I feel like writing. Boredom kills. For God sake, I feel like dying. Yknow, spending your so-called-precious time doing nothing. Bored to death. Zzzzz. Yes, I'm sure that most of the students out there experience the same thing like me. Krisis hidup ketika cuti sekolah. No offence but, to those who went for a holiday, please be grateful. At least pergi juga somewhere. Ni tak. 


Salam semua takda tetiba terjah. Lol. Maaf maaf. Terasa diri ni hyper pula tatkala mula menaip.  So, hi. Assalamualaikum. Sampai sekarang aku tak tahu aku masuk kelas mana lagi. Like every single day buka website sekolah semata-mata nak tengok whether list tu dah keluar ke tidak. Hampeh. Terpaksa menunggu lagi. Sesungguhnya penantian itu sungguh menyeksakan. *Why am I being dramatic all of sudden?*

Anyway, there's an issue recently. This one girl kutuk K-pop. Haa, kau. Sekali berapa ramai K-pop-ers bash dia. Mesti ramai haterzz ni. Idk why, but I feel sorry for her. Yelah. She's just expressing her thoughts. Okay. Maybe tak kena tempat and the way she write tak suka ni lah tu lah was a bit harsh. But yeah. You don't have to bash dia macam nak mati. But hey, you need to respect other people's opinion. Tak susah bukan? This is a free country people. Masing masing berhak berkongsi pendapat. Kata Malaysia negara berdemokrasi. No offence K-pop-ers. Watlek, watchill, watpeace.

This is so random I guess. Sorry. Everything went tunggang langgang like mad. But before that, I always feel so insecure when I heard people started to go for tuition during hols. I don't even know why. I'm utterly perplexed by now. So yeah.

Pandai itu subjektif. Everyone's special in their own way.  


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