Friday, November 25


Hi, assalamualaikum.
Alhamdullilah, school holiday already began. Today is the fifth day of hols. YAYYY. Bye bye textbooks, homework(s) and stuffs. I don't know why but my pencil case tend to get thinner day by day. Okay, tak tahu toyol mana ambil alat tulis aku. *EH* Anyway, I can't wait to watch Puss in Boots. AHHHHHHH *gayat moment* Who cares about Breaking Dawn when there's a cute, orange-y, cuddly cat. Meeee-ooo-www. Plus, there's Antonio Banderas. Uuuu. So smexy I tell you. I still remember this one movie tho. Starring Antonio Banderas and Lucy Liu. Ballistic if I'm not mistaken. So cool. So awesome. You guys should watch it (y)

To be honest, I got so many awesome-gila-macam-nak-mati things to spill here. But yeah. Mental-block strikes. Uuuu. 
Pernah tak uolss rasa macam ni? You're doing something in the toilet. Wait. It sounds so weird and wrong :3 Okay. You're doing your so-called-business in the toilet, room, etc then you got this one superb-magnificent-cool-awesome idea that you want to post in blogger, twitter etc. So yeah. You got excited for no reason and by the time you wanted to post that one freaking idea suddenly cengkerik sound all over your mind. Hoho. So eff annoying I must say. 
Ya Allah. Minta-minta Tuhan jauhkan aku daripada perkara ni masa tengah jawab penulisan dalam PMR. Mahu menangis air mata darah nanti. Kalah that nenek dalam Ibu Mertuaku. Hihi

By the way, I've changed ze header and stuffs. Serious nampak macam angkat bakul sendiri. HAHA. Kay, saja. Membangkitkan kontroversi murahan. But hey, everyone's awesome in their own way right? So yeah. It ain't a crime by putting that "saya awesome" header or whatever it is :p Oh, David Choi already released his latest album right? It would be great if ze album is sold in our local music stores. Pfftt. Anyhow, it's such a shame to know that Yuna's AIM trophy kena tarik. Like seriously guys? Haih. Macam mana industri muzik kita nak maju? Tepuk dada tanya selera~

I'll stop here. Lol. If not I tend to talk crap like a box bos. Oh, Maal Hijrah is around ze corner tho and I guess it's not too late for well wishes right? Congrats Harimau Muda. Anda telah membanggakan kami \m/

Ramai pulak yang gatal tangan delete blog masing-masing. Aku gigit tangan uolss karang :3


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