Tuesday, November 8


meet Adrina and Zakwan
Hi, assalamualaikum.
I didn't go to school today. Cuti Hari Raya Aidiladha gituu. Are you jelly? HIHI. Oh, I've finished my folio(s) Alhamdullilah. You know, the feelings you get when you finished something that's so effing important? AHHHH. Only God knows how I feel at this moment. Okay, Cikgu Z, I want full mark. 10 10 10 10 10 \m/ #crap

Looks like everyone's looking forward to go to school tomorrow ey? Especially the Georgians. Lol. Yes, we've this Hari Raya Korban festival tomorrow. Me iz excited liddat :3 I'm pretty sure we're gonna have fun tomorrow. Mari kita semarakkan lagi semangat pengorbanan~ 

Oh. Fyi, I discovered this cool band recently. Thanks to Fly Fm Campur Chart tho. They were ze special guest in the Fly FM Campur Chart and yeah. They're so freaking cool I tell you. I'm head over heels with this band when I listened to This Wasted Heart. Cinta pandang pertama gitu. HAHAHA. Okayokay, tak payah pusing sana sini. I'm head over heels with Tenderfist. Me loikee the way they play with the tunes and stuffs. Eargasm much. Wanna know more about them? Do check out their Facebook or Twittah.

I might post an entry about Racism soon. Sooooon. I know I know. That's a sensitive issue. It's just that I want to share my insight regarding the topic. So yeah. Stay tuned. Till then. Signing off. Zzzz~

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi


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