Saturday, November 5

Fix you

taken from Fatyn's facebook

Hi, assalamualaikum.
Happy Aidiladha everyone! Aidiladha is also known as the festival of sacrifice. Sempena memperingati kisah pengorbanan Nabi Ibrahim a.s dalam menunaikan perintah Allah s.w.t. My prayers go out to those who're in Tanah Suci. Semoga anda mendapat haji yang mabrur. Oh, everyone is busy tweeting about lembu in twitter (y)

So, um. I laughed at myself. I should have pay more attention to this blog I guess. I only posted AN entry last month. Pardon for my absence everyone. Anyway, I feel like I want to spill out everything here. So yeah. I might get 'cuckoo' and this entry will be full of crap >:) Holiday is around the corner. Oh, SPM too. Less than 2 weeks ey? To the SPM-ers, goodluck and do your best. Stop tweeting, facebook-ing, blogging, everything for a while. Alah, for a while only what. InsyaAllah, your sacrifices will pay off though. My prayers go out to you guys out there. Hopefully Kgv can beat SASER. Just saying. No offence SASER-ians. Amin~

Oh wait a min. I don't think I can type in here anymore. My brain isn't working out so well. Too bad. I kenod talk crap liddat *major crap*. Nevertheless, this blog has been updated right? HAHA. So, yeah. Have a great Aidiladha and bersyukur atas segala nikmat yang Tuhan berikan. "Jangan kufur nikmat" - Cikgu Roslin 

I was thinking, macam mana kalau hukuman hudud dilaksanakan di Malaysia?

Okay. Itu isu sensitif. Maafkan saya kerana bercakap tentang itu. Apapun, mari makan lemang, ketupat, rendang bagai sampai sakit perut. Wuu. Gulai daging menanti (y) Till then. Signing off. Zzz.


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