Saturday, October 1

Science and Faith


Hello. Assalamualaikum.
Apparently September has left us and yeah. It's October people. I don't know why I get this weird feeling when October arrives. Hormones perhaps? Lol. So, 8 days left till final exam and I haven't study a thing yet. How awesome is that. " Go hit that freaking books Amira."  

Anyway, September has been the toughest month for me I guess. For the first time, I got emo for no reason. I got angry when my classmates asked for help. I started to be a paranoia. I cannot explain to my friends what has been bugging me lately. I just can't. Can you imagine, a solid geometry paper can make a girl cry. Lol. How lame is that. To my classmates, sorry for acting weird yesterday. Sorry to worry you guys. Sorry for everything. May Allah bless you all. Look who's being a sensitive person right now. I'm so not this kind of girl fyi. I'm one happy, bubbly plus annoying girl. Somehow I guess, people changed. Including me. Alah. This is what we call a revolution. In case you guys don't know what does revolution means, it means perubahan secara mendadak. That's what my History teacher told me. Semangat Nasionalisme gitu :3

Movin on. So, the form 3's will sit for their PMR examination next week. Are you nervous? Don't be. Keep calm everyone. I know. I know how you guys felt. Keep calm. Think positive. InsyaAllah you'll ace the exam. Kejayaan takkan diperolehi jika tidak berusaha kan? So yeah. Hit the books one more time. Who knows it might help. Selalu berdoa and berselawat banyak-banyak. Relax, relax. Good luck form 3's! :D

Dayana, a gorgeous, strong, crazy yet superb girl I've ever known. Fyi, she's the one who wore a tudung with that white thingy.

Dayana, Happy fourteenth birthday. May Allah shower you with happiness, youthfulness and His blessings. I'm so sorry for not wishing you a happy birthday yesterday. In fact, I cried on your birthday. HAHA. What a lame ass. Sorry Dayana. I hope you enjoy your enormous card and gift. Stay gorgeous and awesome . Smurf you ♥

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