Sunday, September 18

There's a million ways I can feel less pain

taken from Cikgu Azlie's album on Facebook. HIHI

So, hi people.
How's life? Great? Alhamdullilah. My life is okay. There are ups and downs. Not a big deal tho. I've been dealing with this one tiny little problem. I tend to think negatively when I can't even compose an easy essay. The feeling you get when your grammar went tunggang-langgang like hell. Shiz. Oh. Exam is around the corner and I don't think that I'm well-prepared enough to sit for the final exam *sigh* 

Anyway, I'm okay for now. So, lemme tell you about what happened on Thursday. HIHI. My school held this sambutan merdeka+raya thingy which is so freaking awesome. Can you imagine that food, colours and patriotism can unite the multiracial society? How awesome is dat. So yeah. It was an eye-opening moment to see other races wearing other races traditional outfits. How cool was Ustaz Roslan wearing a shalwar kameez and how pretty was she when wearing a saree. See. This was truly a 1 Malaysia moment.

Oh. That day was also my first time keluar sekolah at 9.30 a.m. HOHO. Me and my classmates went to ze nearest KFC to buy some food. We were panicking like mad because Domino isn't open for business yet. Lol. Besides, we saw a lot of Georgians there. They also have the same exact thought as ours. Well, great minds think alike aren't they? :3

To end this post, I think it's not too late for me to wish, Happy Malaysia Day! Semoga Malaysia terus kekal sebagai negara yang aman makmur dan terus terkenal di persada dunia.  Till then. Tartar.


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