Saturday, September 24


Kaydee hugged me like mad. AHH. Semput~

Hi, assalamualaikum.
Meet MKay, Aiman, Farish and Aimi Aliah. Okay. I'm pretty sure you guys were like what on earth are you guys doing with all the flours. HIHI. You know what, I felt guilty because I think we've wasted our parents money on flours. Theoretically, we used all the flours that have been bought. So yeah. It was a tepung madness \m/ This tepung madness was a present for Aiman and Farish since they've been asking me like mad where are their birthday present. Hope you guys enjoyed it :p 

Anyway, this is not what I'm going to babble today. I'm actually going to talk about this. Have you guys wonder how fast time flies? You were a cute baby before this and suddenly TARAAAAA~ A fully grown female/male. You can see hair sprouting all over you face, pimples. AHHH. A girl nightmare. You also tend to be an emotional person as well as you'll get extra careful in every steps you take. You don't want to make a stupid mistake right? 

As time goes by, you'll graduate, achieve your ambition as a doctor, pilot etc, get married, have a dozen of kids and live happily ever after (y) Maan. Seriously, I can't believe how fast time flies. It's just that when you get older, you'll remember all the real good memories. Besides, you'll also remember the bad memories. Anyhow, it's not good to cry over a spilt milk right? Let's move on and live our life to the fullest. 

Before I end this post, I thank Allah for allowing me to live until now. I got to know what does friendship means and many awesome things. Looks like, I'm having a good life now. Praise to Allah. Till then. Signing off. zzzzz~ 

This is me 13 years ago. HIHI

Sorry for ze grammar mistakes. 


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