Saturday, August 20

Sometimes, fate and your dreams can collide

main tepung like a boss (Y)
Taken from Khadijah's Facebook fyi.

Assalamualaikum and hello.
I feel so lost and I need someone to talk to. So, I decided to update this dusty blog. Ngeh. Not just that though. Khadijah kept asking me "Bila nak update blog?" Here am I updating this blog. Satisfied enough? :B Anyway, I sounded like an emo person don't I? Yes, I am. Something's bothering me lately. These craps are killing me softly. Trololo.

It's Ramadan 20 everyone. How fast the time flies. So yeah. 10 days till Syawal. Wuuu. I can feel the raya mood here. Eh, I'm already in the raya mood. Nak rendang tok, nak lemang, nak duit raya weh. #crap Anyway, dah 10 hari terakhir Ramadan ni, marilah kita bersama-sama tingkatkan amal ibadah semua.Who knows you might encounter this special night. LailatulQadr. Malam yang lebih baik daripada 1000 bulan. InsyaAllah.

Moving on. Apparently my Twitter's timeline is flooded with this faker thingy. For God sake, let him/her be. Tak perlu nak drop dia sangat. Bulan Ramadan kan? Buat kurang pahala uolss je. Sooner or later dia akan sedar. Nobody is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. And to that 'shemale' or whatever the famous Twitter people called it, get a grip. You don't have to copy someone else's tweet. Takkan takda idea hang sendiri kot? I bet that your idea is way way better that the tweets you've copied before. Sudah sudah lah tu ye. Lol. I'm just giving out my opinions. No hard feelings ya. Tak pasal pasal aku pulak kena drop. Pffft.

Actually, I wanted to post this one sad sad entry.But hey. I think I'll post that entry later. Uuuu. Kenod wait for it ah? Muehehe. Till then. Later ♥

semoga kita mendapat keberkatan dalam 10 hari terakhir ni. Amin. :3

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