Sunday, August 28

Minta mak kuih sepotong, saya mahu makan kerna perut kosong

HOHOHO. Assalamualaikum bloggahs.
Raya is coming people. Apparently 2 days left till Syawal. Sho cool liddat. Everyone is happy + excited + gayat sebab dah nak raya but not for me. I don't know why I feel so sad to leave this holy month. I don't know why :| Anyway, I can't wait to receive some money during this festive month. Ngeh. Money money money money $$ Someone on twitter tweeted this ; Semakin meningkat umur, semakin kurang helaian duit raya. Semakin meningkat umur, semakin tinggi nilai setiap helaian. Lol. So true :3

Movin on. So, yesterday I went to this steamboat house to iftar with these awesome people. We ate like a boss. Seriously. No joke. It was a steamboat galore. Lol. We ate until our perut like want to pecah already. Trolololo. After the steamboat session, we went to Ice Room. Kitaorang tak sedar actually yang perut masing masing mula meragam :p So yeah. We ordered black knight and cha cha cha and we talked like we never talked before. Mana taknya. Kelas jauh bebenor x) It was a great experience tho. I can't believe that we've grown up now :') How fast time flies. 

I think I'm going to end this entry. I'm heading to mah kampung tomorrow and I haven't pack yet. Ohjyeah. So, I, Nur Amira bt Abdul Razak menyusun 10 jari memohon maaf atas salah dan silap. Selamat Merdeka Raya. Till the next post. Tartar :3

Bak kata khadijah, A tribute to Jay who unable to join us. Lololol. Uuu. Are you jelly?


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