Wednesday, July 27

The bitter chill of winter still blows through me like a plague


Whaduup earthlings? 
Miss me? Ohok. Assalamualaikum btw. As you'll know, I'll type sorry for not updating blah blah blah in every single post. So yeah. Today I'll type that same old ayat. Pfffft. Kay. Sorry for not updating. I've been busy. Alah, I'm awesome liddat. That's why I'm always busy. Forever busy. #crap Fyi, I'm so into Maroon 5 since I was in standard four I guess. So yeah. Imma die-hard fan of Maroon 5. Adam Levine rules \m/

Many things happened recently. So, today is Khadijah's birthday so I'm taking this opportunity to wish you for the third time, Happy Birthday! How was the 'surprise' huh? I know you liked it. Once in a lifetime experience wooo :P 

Moving on. Sports day went well. It was so effing awesome. Meade won the marching category. Our jaw dropped when they announced that Meade had won. Meade did won something. HIHI. Too bad Seng Long didn't win. Pffft. Bak kata Aimi, memang worth it lah diorang kawad macam nak mati. Memang worth it habis laaaaah (Y)

Just want to share with you guys, Zakwan who's mah classmate is ze Shrek :3

If you guys remember, in ze previous post, I nagged about my my timetable right? Alhamdullilah we got a new timetable. No more heavy bags. Ohjyeah. I was like YAY. No more heavy bags. Keadaan akan berubah seperti sediakala, but guess what? Most of the teacher that have taught us for the past 6 months banyak dah tak ajar. Wtf man? Hancur lah harapan aku begini. I can't even see the light at the end of the tunnel. Oh tidak. Aaaaaaaaaa. Macam mana dengan result for the next exam? :O #morecrap Tapi, aku hanya berserah pada takdir dan bertawakal. Think positive, Amira. #emo

Enough of this emotional thingy. So, for this 200th post, I've promised Khadijah to answer her 5 deadly questions. Soyeah. Here's the answer :3
  • What can make you feel offended?

Obviously, orang yang layan kita macam a wet underwear which is spenda basah. It sounds polite in English right? :P

  • Feeling awesome? Why?

Because I'm awesome lah. Tu pun tak tahu ke? OHOKZ

  • So far, who do you think that annoyed you the much?

Siti Khadijah Zainal Annuar. Pfffft. HAHA. No lah. You know who right? 

  • Tell me your deepest darkest secrets

Emm, I looked like orang yang tak layan cartoon right? Fyi, when I was 5 years old, I LOVE TO WATCH POWER PUFF GIR, SAILOR MOON, POWER RANGERS AND EVEN ULTRAMEN. NOT TO FORGET, MASKED RIDER TOO. #jatuhsahamakumacamni Sekarang tidak lagi :3

  • N@m@ AwAx SaPeW?? Nuck BerknLn BoLeY, uhux. 
Nama dalam IC ; Nur Amira bt Abdul Razak

I've answered all your deadly questions. Sukalah tu. Pffft. Sorry for the delay, Khadijah. Kemalasan membelenggu diriku ini ohhh~ That concludes my entry for today. Selamat Berpuasa and see you in a month. Jkjkjkjk :P

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