Sunday, March 27

Wanna make the world dance, forget about the price tag


Hi, hello.
Sorry for not updating my blog. I'm busy. Kinda ;) Anyway, how is it going? Doing great huh? Boo me xD I haven't started my homework yet. How awesomeh is that? HIHI

Hmm. Ohya. Today I went to KLCC. My brothers agak gayat nak pergi Petrosains. Pfft, macam tak pernah pergi --'' Anyway, it was fun (y) HAHA :D Yelah, dah f2 kan? So, paham semua stuffs dekat situ. What is petroleum? What can we do with petroleum? Petroleum this, petroleum that and many more. Sho awesome *ya Allah, nampak macam gayat --''

Moving on. After the Science thingy, went to Kinokuniya bookstore to find It's not summer without you by Jenny Han. Unfortunately, stock habis. Pffffft --" So yeah, aku membawa diri ke rak buku yang penuh dengan novel-novel remaja dengan harapan dapat mencari novel idamanku. Ahaaah. Alhamdullilah, I found this book :) I bought this book people. The Espressologist by Kristina Springer (y) 

thanks Uncle Google ;)

Hmm, what else ey? Sorry Khadijah. Tak sempat nak beli Famous Amos cookies. InsyaAllah, I'll buy the cookies some other time eh? Pfft, suruh Farish Hamzah beli :D Ohya, I lap my English teacher (y) Don't ask me why. He's sho awesome. '' Teacher, looking good ey?'' *winkwink 

I'm sooo sleppy-eh. Till then, big balls :)

"Isn't it amazing how a person who was once a stranger, suddenly meant the world to you?" 


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