Wednesday, March 30

It don't matter who you are even if you were a star


Hi, hello. 
So yeah. I abandoned my blog. Not just that. I also change the settings so that no one can see my blog. Woo. Awesome. Ahh, who cares anyway? The truth is, I didn't update my blog because life been so hard recently. HAHA. Crap. Man, I love crap. Pfft, this so pointless. 

Yay. Alhamdullilah my result for March test is quite good. My A's are all 90 above. I'm so grateful. Anyway, Aisyah just celebrated her 14th birthday on March 29. Awww, Happy Belated Birthday! May Allah shower you with happiness ya :) And, I'm so sorry that I don't remember your birthday. Again, I'm so sorry. InsyaAllah I'll give you something good. Real good. HIHI 

Moving on.Yesterday, saja nak try masuk bola baling. Weee. No luck. Khadijah, Zuhayra and others, congrats! I'm not sad. I feel good. NA-NA-NA-NA xD It's April people! Byebye March and hello April. So, today is April Fool. Luckily I'm safe from all those pranks. Like hello? We are talking about prank right now. It ain't work for meeh. Okay. This prank thingy is so pointless. HOHO. 

This whole week is full of crap. With the homework, crazy deadline, dramas and many more. I think I'm gonna stop now. But before that,

  "apabila perempuan itu sering bercakap atau bertanya tentang seorang lelaki, ini bermakna dia suka akan lelaki itu. "

Khadijah's theory. She thinks that I'm the love guru. OMJAY. It ain't true. HAHA. Guys, take note :)


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