Sunday, March 6

I can't feel your heartbeat

Hi, hello.
Omaigah. I'm totally flabbergasted. Okay. Why? Err, hmmm, nothing :D Let's move on shall we? Pfft, she's in her own fantasy right now. Don't disturb this gal or she'll bite you >:D 

Well, apparently today is Sunday. Maaaaan. I hate Sunday. Mom, is it okay for me to skip school tomorrow? Ngeheheh :3  In your dream lah kan? Anyway, Exam will be held on 8th March 2011. Yay me! I'm so not ready yet. I feel very-the-malas nak buka buku. Mukabuku takpa la kan? 

You know what, I just realized that after exam, kita cuti. LOL. Inilah padahnya kalau pihak sekolah bagi surat, tak baca. Dapat, terus simpan dalam file. :DD Best whoaaaa (y) KANKANKAN? Anyway, Good Luck Georgians! 

That's all I guess. Thanks for reading this craps. Oh ya, I'll let this blog bersarang again. Take note ya. Till then, Tartar.  Eh, me want to share this with ya'll XD

love me, love me, say that you love me ♥


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