Friday, March 11

Have belief in the decision of God and pray

source: Dayana's blog 

Hi, hello.
Subhannallah. My jaw dropped when I saw many people tweeted about Japan. Twitter is the new CNN. Faster, Comprehensive, and exaggerating.
For those yang tak tahu lagi, Earthquake Hits Japan causing Tsunami. I did not expect this to happen. Anyway, I just opened Mr. Google and found this :

Subhannallah. There are rumors that earthquake might hit Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and 50 other countries. Ohya, and there are also rumors that Sabah, Labuan and Sarawak are under Tsunami Alert. I don't know whether these rumors right or wrong. Siapalah kita nak menilik masa hadapan? Kita hanya berdoa dan bertawakal apabila ditimpa musibah. 

School Holiday begins. I've no mood to go on a vacation or whatsoever. How can we in the happy-happy mood when the people in Japan is in the bad mood? Ohya! There's a tonne of 'pakej percutian' waiting for me. Well, I guess the pakej percutian is awesome-er than homework. You-know-what, there are a few people LOL-ing when there's catastrophe in Japan. Ya Allah. People are suffering over there. Muhasabahlah diri sikit. Kau paham tak apa maksud LOL tu? Orang tu letak status "pray for Japan" dekat FB, you commented on her status "LOL". Apa tak belajar sivik ke tu? 

I think I'm going to stop now. May God bless and be with them.


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