Friday, January 28

Killing me softly


HoHoHo. Hello bloggers.
Finally. Holiday. OH JYEAAAH \m/ Time passes so quickly. That reminds me that I'm getting older. Haih. Anyway, Happy Holiday. Happy CNY. Jom makan limau banyak-banyak sampai sakit perut :D Sorry for leaving this blog. Bukan taknak update, homework bertingkat-tingkat macam KLCC. 

Moving on, as all Georgian knew, we got a new HEM. Previous HEM was transfered to STAD I think. About this new HEM, he keep making new school rules. Sampai budak penat mendengar -,-" Wanna know the latest school rules? You must wear ze school track. Ya Allah, IT'SSOFREAKINGLAME. Then, you cannot lilit-lilit tudung hitam. Kena buat macam tudung sekolah. You can't do this, do that blah blah blah. Ramai yang irritated with ze new rules. Including me. I take it as a challenge. Yang penting itu lah salah satu cara nak  membentuk disiplin pelajar SMKKGV :D *bak kata seniorsenior 

Put aside the peraturan thingy, Yaaaaaaaay. HOLIDAY. A week free from from ze hell. Oh Jyeaaaaah! When there's a holiday, there MUST be A LOT of homework kan? Haih -_-" They love to see us suffering doing ze bertingkat-tingkat homework. Who cares right? Homework is ze only way for me to study. I DON'T STUDY AT ALL. I love to study last minute. Masa buat homework tu lah masa ulangkaji. AWESOME ey? 

I'm going to end this so-not-awesome post. Enjoy your holiday, take care, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAAAAR, HAPPY HOLIDAY.


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