Saturday, January 22

I'd throw my head on a blade and jump in front of a train for ya


Hello bloggahs.
Long time no see ey? Now, here I am updating this neglected blog. I know ya'll laugh when ya'll read the title. For sure I would never ever do that. Another stupid way to die. It's worthless. I repeat, WORTHLESS. It's so freaking worthless to kill yourself just because of Love. Haih -,-" Anyway, it's not too late to wish ya'll HAAAAAAPY NEW YEAAAAAAR :D Oh jyeaaaah \m/ 

Moving on, how's school? Err, not that awesome. Well, no more 1 Iskandar. The best class ever :'( I miss ya'll. Enough with the jiwang-jiwang thingy. First day of school was SUPERFREAKINGBORING. LAME NAK MAMPUS. My first thought was " Ya Allah, bapak tak mesra alam kelas ni." No offence guys. Luckily Khadijah ada. :D Anddd, alhamdullilah I survived the first week of school :) *Macam nak mati kot. Senyap je :P Fyi, my English teacher is Mr. Joe Peter. He's awesome. No doubt. HAHA :D

Emmm, what else? Haah, yesterday, Shafiqah, Aisyah, FarahI, and many more kot, had a greaaaaaat cakapcakap session. Lama gila tak borak kan? You know what, Shafiqah, stay strong. I know yang kau tak tahan dengan bebelan dia 24/7 pasal budak tu. Buat bodoh je. 

One more thing, I've changed this neglected blog's banner, background etc. Horrible ey? HAHA :D What a long post. I better stop or my entry will be boring and ya'll don't want to read. 

Oh ya, last one.
Aziera Hamzah, Happy 100th post :) 

OKAAY. I'm going to end this post. Later.

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