Tuesday, December 28

Oh Santa (!)


Oh, hello there :) Before I start to type craps, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. I know that I'm a lil bit late, but who cares ey :P Now I'm gonna start typing some super-fantastic-craps.

Yesterday went to MPH bookstore, KL to find that Komsas book. Only God knows how I felt that time. Pffftt, dalam kereta tak boleh duduk diam, takut buku tu habis -______-" Luckily,  I found that book :D What a relief ey? Fyi, I haven't finish my BM's folio. HAHAHAHA \m/ Facebook is getting B-O-R-I-N-G nowadays. Seriously. It is. Trust me. GAAAAAH. In my opinion, Blogger is way FUN than Facebook. HAHA :D Sorry Mark Zuckerberg :) Malaysian won 3-0 right? Oh jyeeaaaaaah \m/ Congrats. I don't want to talk about this bola thingy anymore. Tak pasal-pasal Indonesians baca, the drama starts -___-" 

You guys should READ THIS. Seriously, It's so freaking annoying if you type like this. Terpaksa eja satu-satu. Guys, tak best lah kalau buka blog, he/she pakai bahasa rempit ni. Ya Allah. Betapa seksa tahu tak nak tahu apa yang korang type. Senang cerita, tutup je blog tu. Menyakitkan mata je. Pfffttt, bahasa rempit tu macam mana? Aqu, Jew, Kitew, Cayunk etc. I'm not being sarcastic. Sarcasm hurts. Sorry if ada yang terasa. I'm giving my opinion. It's not a crime right? 

This song stuck in my head all day -,-"

I should end my post. Run out of ideas. Later. 

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