Thursday, December 16

I am addicted.


Hello. What's up? I haven't finish my BM folio yet. OH JYEAAAH \m/ You guys wanna know why? I spend my time watching Korean dramas and movies :) *Penyakit ini makin menjadi-jadi semenjak tengok cerita Sungkyukwan Scandal. Since then, I started to watch Cruel Love, Stairway to Heaven, Cinderella Man, and many more. Fyi, my mum also watched Korean dramas. HAHA :) 

kudos to; Mr Google

I know that I'm a bit lame-o. Baru sekarang nak tengok Stairway to Heaven. hihi ^^ Okayokay. Enough with korean thing-y. *Makin menjadi ye penyakit kau ni amira -___- I think I'm gonna stop blogging for now. I'm super duper bored. Later bloggers. 

pfftt: I ♥ to write craps :P


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