Saturday, November 27

You know we’re superstars, WE ARE WHO WE ARE

It's 2.30 am right now. I'm not sleepy. Who asked you to drink black coffee? Serves you right -_____- 

For the second time, I want to wish ya'll HAAAAAAPY SCHOOL HOLIDAAAAY.  May this school holiday bring you happiness. It's the perfect-o time to sit back and relax. Haih, I already miss my History teacher. Her babbling, homework, folio(s) and more. Oh yeah, I also miss my pens. HAHA :D Teringat saat-saat akhir menyiapkan folio dan nota :) Based on the craps above, macam aku dah FORM5 -_____- padahal baru FORM1 :P

Fyi, I haven't get my examination result. MAAAAAN, I'm so freaking nervous about that. Which class I'm gonna enter for next year? :O NAAAAH, It's just November 27. Long way to go laaaah. It's too early to worry about next year :D

1 Iskandar 2010 <3

So yeah, I'm nervous. Am I? /:) Thanks for reading this craps btw. I think I'm not going to update my blog for a long time. I'm just too lazy. HAHA :D Eh, I'm off to bed. Nite to everyone ;)

sorry for ze grammar mistakes.

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