Wednesday, November 3

Oh, let my love come tumbling in into our life again,

hello bloggers ;) I'm back. HAHA :D

So, yeah. I'm back. How's my life? Fine. Just fine. Daaaaaaamn, school was sucks man. BLAAAAAAH, I'm so not gonna tell you about my school. SORRY. I'm currently at Khadijah's house. Zuhayra is here. Actually we wanted to discuss about our class's tshirt but we ended up talking and more talking. I repeat, TALKING. Fyi, Khadijah looks hyper while Zuhayra is super talkative. MUEHEHEH :) 

Okay. Got to go. Zuhayra wanted to hear Kekanda Adinda by Atillia and Monoloque. Boring post ey? I know. Later.


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