Monday, October 11

I'll be your guardian when all is crumbling, Steady your hand


I'm currently listening to; Gadis Semasa-Yuna, Hanyut-Faizal Tahir, If it's love- Train

I think this will be the last post before the examination start. Maaaan (!) Exam. I totally forgot that final exam is on next week. Mira, stop blogging and study! =.=" 

BLAAAAAAH. Let me blog for awhile. School was okay. Except for the part that me and Liana had to be kambing hitam. Thanks yeah, for those who played the stupid ball thing-y. Curse you all. During PSV, our teacher decided to take us to library. It was okay I guess. YADAYADAYADAYADA, I borrowed William Gibson, Spook Country. 

MAAAAN, I've to stop blogging. I've to study. Wish me luck yeah! See you on next post. LATER.

au revoir,

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