Wednesday, September 15

Natural Disaster

hello :)

I miss KGV. HAHA :D actually I miss my friends. It has been more than a week I didn't meet my friends. awwww. I MISS YA'LL :') How was my first Raya? SUPER LAME. TOTAL DISASTER I think. ARGH =.= saya tidak mempunyai sebarang perasaan ketika menyambut Hari Raya pada tahun ini. sangat bosan. BOREDOM KILLS BABEH! Anyway, me and my friends are going to Jusco this Saturday. I hope it will be a blast :D OHMYPRAAAAADA (!) I haven't finished my homework nor my folio yet. Ya Allah -.- apo nak jadi ni? who cares aite if I haven't finished my homework.. I better stop crapping or I will never finish my homework :( YOU WILL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVEEEEEEEEE (!) BHAHAHAHAHAHA *EVIL LAUGH

sorry for the grammar mistakes :)

au revoir,

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