Wednesday, September 22

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A Love Letter for You ♥

hello :)

Maaaaan (!) Today was so freaking tired. Stupid kokurikulum thing-y  -.- Nothing's special for today. Just a BORING day for a student like me :P FYI, I'm currently doing stupid thing (s) such as typing this stupid post. HAHA :))

 After waited like a mentally ill person, finally we got our slip peperiksaan. Alaa, results. DAAAAMN. I NEED TO STUDY MORE THAN I USED TO :( *sigh :-<  Looks like I'll never seeing you guys again. Bye Blogger, Facebook, Twitter etc :'( It's so effing annoying when I see the numbers and grades in the slip peperiksaan. GOSH (!) I NEED TO STUDY. STUDYSTUDYSTUDY. GAAAH (!) I'm gonna stop crapping here because I'm going to study. Later. 

sorry for the grammar mistakes.

au revoir,

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