Tuesday, September 28

I don't know what this girl was after she's a natural, natural disaster



First of all, school was okay. Except for the part that me and Aisyah had a fight with someone. GAAAAH! Ignore that. Yesterday all the form 1 girls had an injection. The HPV thing-y Only God know how we feel. My left arm hurts badly. Curse you injection! It turns into bluish-black. Haiyoo =.=" 

Tomorrow, I have to come to school. Why? Ada sukaneka thing-y. Super Lame I guess. It's been a awhile I didn't participate in sukaneka stuff. Well, nak membantu kelas kan? Nevermind. Eh, Shafiqah Adlina is going to be Model For A day for tomorrow ;)

A boring post aite? Yeah, I know. 
sorry for ze grammar mistakes.

au revoir,

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