Sunday, September 5

HAIH -.-


hello there :)

today was a tiring day. DAAAAAAMN. my mother asked me to accompany her to buy clothes for Rayaa -.- Daaaamn tiring man! tawaf-ed the Mid Valley :D Otw, to Mid, I saw Farish Hamzah. WTF?!! Dah takde orang lain ke dekat dunia ni haaaaa? heh -.- he wore something Greenish I think. BLAAAAAAAH BLAAAAH BLAAAAH. back to the main story :) after the Mid Valley thing-y, went to Bangsar. Lame lah Bangsar tuh -.- Everything's B-O-R-I-N-G.. Stopped at Starbucks to buy some drinks, and then wallahhhh, went home. what's wrong with me? I'm talking craps here =.=

okayokay. what's my motive put-ing this picture? I just want to say to my readers out there, you are incredibly beautiful. :) HAHAHAHA \m/

sorry for the grammar mistakes.

au revoir,

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