Tuesday, September 21

But now I'm high; running wild among all the stars above.

hello there.


WHOA. I've changed everything. It looks okay. Actually, it's not what I expected. But, nevermind. I'll edit it later. FYI, I'm currently listening to James Blunt's song, High. His song was so freaking awesome :) 

Today was ALMOST awesome. HAHA :D Geografi was fun today. Cikgu Hasri entered our class and he brought a scanner. Everyone like HUH? =.= He said the scanner was rosak-ed. Ohh. Okay. IDC :p When we were busy reading the stupid textbook, he suddenly hit the scanner. Cikgu, kenapa tak sepak je? Kan best \m/ Anyway, we got a new teacher for sivik. I don't even know her name. HAHA :D

what a boring storayyy =.=" yeah, I know :) And I don't even know why I typed this stupid post. GAAAAH. Later.

sorry for the grammar mistakes.

au revoir,

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