Thursday, September 30

But it's the butterflies that keep you feeling so alive, so alive



I've lost my passion on blogging. HAR HAR XD That's why I'm didn't update my blog for a very long time. You don't believe me? Okay. Recently, I always typed some stupid posts. See, told ya. I've lost my passion :( Furthermore, stupid folio(s) and homework always bothering me. Please take note that I won't update this blog for awhile. Examination is around the corner. I NEED TO STUDY. I also need to say goodbye to Blogger, Facebook, Twitter etc for a week I guess. GEEZ. 

Yesterday, my school held a sukaneka. Err, super lame. They tortured us. GAAH. Seriously, it's super extremely lame. HA HA XD I really hated the tepung thing-y. Congrats to the senior that managed to tortured us with the pear thing-y. It's so freaking hard. We couldn't bite the pear. HEH -.-"

How about today? Super awesome I guess. Except for Pendidikan Jasmani. We are like a bunch of idiots playing badminton in a windy day. Recess went well. Ha Ha. To the canteen workers, make sure you have enough spoons and forks for the students. :D

Okay. A long post ey? Ha Ha. I think I'll stop blogging for now. Later.
sorry for the grammar mistakes. 

meet my gossip partner, Shafiqah Adlina :)

au revoir,

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