Friday, September 24

As the world turns around and we go different places, new things, new dreams, new faces


hello earthlings :)
I'm sorry because I didn't update my blog for awhile. I'm so effing busy with folio(s). CURSE YOU FOLIO! Moreover my brain doesn't work like it used to. 

School was quite lame today. Start with bacaan Yaasin. I was so freaking sleeping. My eyes were filled with tears. HAHA :D Only God knows how I feel on that time. Luckily there was no takzirah. phew (!) 

In the evening, Khadijah, Farah, Zuhayra and Liana came to my house. Actually we wanted to finish our Sejarah work, but we are only thirteen years old. We wanna have FUN \m/ So, we spend the whole evening gossiping, talking, and MORE TALKING. HAHA :)) So, yeah, today was fun :) Thanks guys (!)

Just a short post from me today. So yeah, LATER

sorry for the grammar mistakes.
au revoir,

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