Monday, September 6

another way to die

hello there :)

kudos; Mr.Google

hello again :) so yeah, I'm still smiling even though my life's sucks :) see, told ya. I'm still smiling :D so, keep smiling even though your life's suck or whatever. the SMILE cures everything. 

Me and my friends planned to go to Jusco next Saturday. Unfortunately. one of my friend can't join us because his father wanted to make an open house. -.- Nevermind. Maybe your dad wants to celebrate your birthday too. So, if the birthday boy can't join us, why should we go? Better if we sit back and relax at home. :) great idea huh? HAHAHA :D

I almost forgot. To Khadijah and Farish, CONGRATS! awwww you two such a cute couple (Y) 

Sorry for the grammar mistakes :)

au revoir,

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