Saturday, June 19



yesterday went to Jusco S2 to watches Toy Story 3. mane nak pergi kan? cinema dekat Seremban yang paling best pun dekat Jusco S2. Toy Story was awesomeeeeee. peminat cerita from Pixar la katakan. HAHA. Ken and Barbie so sweet. while, the cute purple bear a.k.a Lotso is a evilllll monstahh. he's evil. HAHA. the best part is masa ken kena paksa dengan barbie to give out information. HAHA. barbie ripped off ken's limited edition clothes. serves you right Ken. certita selanjutnya? kenalah tengok toy story 3 :) 

*pizza hut dekat seremban sucks! :D

au revoir,

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